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ASTRA has joined the NewSpace Network!

Exciting developments have been taking place after introducing ourselves at SpaceTech Expo Bremen 2021. We have joined the NewSpace Network, hosted by GAIA Space to stay connected to a variety of companies and initiatives.

The NewSpace Network connects Start-Ups, Research Institutions, and key players of the Space Industry and is aiming to facilitate developments of new space technologies as well as engaging new people to join the industry.

Many of ASTRAs Members are gunning to engineer the future of the space industry and the NewSpace Network by GAIA Aerospace gives us a chance to be close to where that happens.

Staying connected in the industry is a vital part of ASTRA and will help Project Karman and our future endeavours.

We are excited about what is yet to come and to be a part of the NewSpace Network!

Be also sure to visit their website to find out about their projects: GAIA NewSpace Network

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ASTRA has joined the FabLab!

We have now become part of the FabLab, where ASTRA will not only carry out development work, but will also hold workshops and information events for interested parties in the future.

Not only ASTRA works here, but also many other groups with exciting projects. So it’s worth dropping by and watching the Recovery Team at work, for example.

The idea of the FabLab

The FabLab Bremen is a creative environment that on the one hand encourages learning and experimentation and on the other hand enables the professional implementation of one’s own ideas. In this high-tech workshop, different actors from various disciplines meet in one central location.
Our focus is on digital media and manufacturing technologies and is particularly directed towards

– the qualification of young professionals,
– the promotion of media competence and
– arousing interest in technical and creative professions and new technologies.