In this section, you get to know the members of our executive board. They are responsible for ASTRA as an association and its development. They prepare ASTRA for the future with the development of the next projects and financial solidification.

Mika Bauerfeind

M. Sc. Space Engineering, 5th Semester

 “I am working with ASTRA because it is a unique opportunity to gain practical experience you simply do not get in your studies. It also really motivates me to work in a team with all our dedicated and hard-working members to accomplish our target, reaching the Karman-Line.”

Jesaiah Coy

Deputy CEO of ASTRA e.V.
M. Sc. Space Engineering, 5th Semester

“I am excited to continue pioneering the journey of our rocket group to the Karman Line as part of the ongoing effort to democratize access to Space.”

Taha Merchant

Deputy CEO of ASTRA e.V.
M. Sc. Space Engineering, 5th Semester

“I am excited to join the Astra board as I have always had a very optimistic belief in Astra’s capabilities as a team and I hope to help it take one step further.”

Arne Stemme

B. Sc. Business Studies, 5th Semester

“My passion has always been to take on complex challenges, from the development of an idea to its implementation. Be it the development of a gutter cleaner as part of a contest or the management of a fictitious bank in a banking simulation game. The business game gave me an exciting insight into the world of business and finance. Now it’s time to put the theory from business administration studies into practice.”

Lukas Erdmann

Secretary of ASTRA e.V.
B. Sc. Automation Engineering, 1st Semester

“Bremen is home to many of Europe’s most important space companies and institutes. I would like to help bring teaching at Bremen’s universities to the same level and prepare students as well as possible for their professional lives.”

Sahana Shastry

M. Sc. Space Science and Technologies, 7th Semester

“My main motivation comes from seeing the project through the many phases and ensuring the aspect of all the subsystems coming together to achieve the mission objectives.”

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