In this section, you get to know the members of our executive board. They are responsible for ASTRA as an association and its development. They prepare ASTRA for the future with the development of the next projects and financial solidification.

Lukas Erdmann

B. Sc. Automation Engineering

 “Bremen is home to many of Europe’s most important space companies and institutes. I would like to help bring teaching at Bremen’s universities to the same level and prepare students as well as possible for their professional lives.”

Taro Tokita

Deputy CEO of ASTRA e.V.
M. Sc. Space Engineering

“My motivation to be at ASTRA is to get hands on experience as well as to be able to provide this experience to others.”

Abdelrahman Abdelaziz

Deputy CEO of ASTRA e.V.
M. Sc. Space Engineering

“I joined Astra’s board keeping 3 Ps in heart and mind. A Passion I share with students and Engineers all around Bremen, a huge Potential this city has to offer for every Space enthusiast and unlimited Prospects for those who dare to aim for the Stars.”

Kevin Matjeka

M. Sc. Physics

ASTRA embodies the essence of greatness, nurturing the seeds of excellence in every member. Being part of ASTRA is not just supporting a cause; it’s an opportunity to help cultivate a vision that transcends boundaries and propels us toward extraordinary achievements and the highest echelons in space exploration.

Sara Nufal

Secretary of ASTRA e.V.
M. A. English Speaking Cultures: Language, Text and Media

“ASTRA is a mission-driven initiative. The structured environment and team collaboration are instrumental in fostering my personal and professional development. It provides me with purpose and it’s fulfilling to know that my contributions can make a meaningful impact on our collective goal of creating something exceptional from the ground up.”

Sahana Shastry

M. Sc. Space Science and Technologies

“My main motivation comes from seeing the project through the many phases and ensuring the aspect of all the subsystems coming together to achieve the mission objectives.”

Jesaiah Coy

M. Sc. Space Engineering

“I am excited to continue pioneering the journey of our rocket group to the Karman Line as part of the ongoing effort to democratize access to Space.”