Operations & Testing

Who we are and what we do:
The operations and testing team is primarily responsible for organizing and executing the various tests required to validate the rocket up to and including the launch.  This includes planning the test campaigns, interfacing our technical teams with the testing facilities, organizing logistical aspects of the test campaigns and working with the team leads to arrange a successful operation on site.

To date, the operations and testing team has successfully planned and executed 2 propulsion testing campaigns (complete with 10 hot fires) with the DLR Lampoldshausen, 2 pressure testing campaigns with the DLR Bremen, 1 drop testing campaign (with successful parachute recovery) with ATMOS, 1 wind tunnel testing campaign with DARE, and 1 launch campaign at EUROC (with a fully integrated vehicle, but sadly no launch).

Currently the Operations and Testing Team is working to manage the upcoming test campaigns for Phoenix which include propulsion testing, vibration testing, wind tunnel testing, and a launch test campaign which is all building up to EUROC 2024 which will be where Phoenix flies competitivelySo, busy times ahead! 

A few ASTRAnauts introduce themselves

I’m Melisa from Operations and Testing at ASTRA.
While I enjoy playing football in my free time, my childhood curiosity about the space has always been a constant but far interest of mine. Joining ASTRA allows me to explore my curiosity about space with an engaging aspect: the practical experience of space engineering.
I was inspired by the teams ambition and drive to come together as a team from all ages, professions, backgrounds, boys and girls to embark on a daring journey.
I am really honored to be apart of the team after the hard work that was put into it in the past few years by my team mates. And I am excited to pursue new challenges & accomplishments with ASTRA.

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