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Project Karman

We are a student-run association from Bremen. Our goal is to enable students to gain practical experience during their studies. 
We want to give students from STEM subjects in particular a low-threshold opportunity to apply what they have learned, try things
out as well as practice and gain new skills. This allows us to deepen and expand our knowledge and put it into action. 

As part of this goal, we are currently working on "Project Karman". For this project we are developing a sounding
that is planned to be launched at this year's EuRoC 24 rocketry competition in Portugal.
Technical details about our project can be found on the “Projects” page. Details about our association are provided in "About Us".

However, our association is not just composed of engineering and technology students.
With over fifteen different courses of study, we cover a wide range of different subject areas.
This allows us to network across disciplines, learn from and with each other and look beyond our own specialist area.
We are convinced that it is precisely the diversity of our association that enables us to engage students in our idea
and that we can learn, have fun and build a rocket together.

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Want to join us?

As ASTRA progresses, we always need new people for our departments.

Regardless of your study program or your experience, you are welcome to join us. The only requirements are that you are dedicated to the work and reliable.

Please note that in order to join ASTRA, you must be a student and in the greater Bremen area. This is a dealbreaker, so please desist from sending in applications if you do not fulfil these two criteria.

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