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Project Karman

Project Karman is the first project of ASTRA and it aims to design, build and launch a hybrid rocket that reaches the Karman line at 100km height. The Karman line is thought of as the outer boundary between usable airspace for aviation and spaceflight. Reaching it is generally regarded as the first step to developing launch system technologies and serves as a good platform for understanding the technical challenges involved.

Student-Based Project

More than seventy students are actively involved and hard working to get the project underway and launch ready.

Launch-Ready in just 4 Years

Launch ready in just four years, which would make ASTRA the second student group to reach the Karman line.

100km into space

The Karman Line is an imaginary boundary at 100 km above sea level that is used to distinguish aviation from space travel. ASTRA aims to build a rocket which succeed reaching that line.

Hybrid Rocket Design

Right now, ASTRA is the only student group aspiring to achieve this with a hybrid rocket design.

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As ASTRA progresses, we always need new people for our departments.

Regardless of your study program or your experience, you are welcome to join us. The only requirements are that you are dedicated to the work and reliable.

Please note that in order to join ASTRA, you must be a student and in the greater Bremen area. This is a dealbreaker, so please desist from sending in applications if you do not fulfil these two criteria.

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