Who we are and what we do:

Welcome to our Team’s homepage! To explain what exactly we do let’s do a small rocketry time travel back and forth between the present and the future. 

In the future, Aerodynamics will help the entire ASTRA team to see what our rockets are going to feel, see and encounter during the whole flight from the moment of lift off and all the way to the moment of recovery. We call that trajectory simulation. Therefore we use Softwares like ASTOS. We count in the launch location, wind models and the rocket design and get results in the form of the altitude we are gonna achieve and how stable our rocket is during flight (i.e. if the rocket deviates from the desired path). 

As you might have realized for this future we need a great rocket design. And this brings us back to the present. We need to design the outer shell of the rocket in such a way that it faces the least amount of airresistance (we call that the drag) going up. To do this, we go through scientific research, do CFD simulations and sometimes use wind tunnels. An important part of this design process is the design of the nosecone of the rocket (small hint: it doesn’t always have to be pointed – sorry, Elon Musk). 

And if you think of the desired stability in the future: We need to go back to the present and design rocket fins that ensure exactly this stability. 

As you can see – the present and the future are closely tied in our team, especially in the rocket design process. And we keep travelling between them to ensure that we as ASTRA accomplish our mission. We would be excited to have you on-board and join us on our journey in time!

A few ASTRAnauts introduce themselves

My name is Finn and I am part of the aerodynamics team. My main task is the simulation of our rocket’s trajectory and to investigate, how the small adjustments of the other teams affect the flight.
I am currently enrolled in the Space Sciences and Technologies Master at the University of Bremen and additionally work in the Institute of Space Systems at the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Beside that, I love doing any kind of sports, cooking and being outside (either in nature or in bars).
I joined ASTRA because my goal is to work full-time in the space sector and this way, I can apply the knowledge I gain in my studies and get the opportunities to connect with others. Since coding is a hobby of mine, the aerodynamics team is a great fit for me and I am happy to be a part of ASTRA and contribute to the project.

I am Attahir and I am part of the Aerodynamics team of ASTRA and currently enrolled in the Environmental Physics Master at the University of Bremen. In my leisure time I enjoy watching documentaries and history. I came to know about ASTRA during my first semester at the university working under the KARMAN project. Prior to ASTRA I participated in projects related to Internet of Things (IOT) and gained hand on skills in industry mechanics. With my knowledge in Physics I deemed it fit to join the momentum of the Aerodynamics team at the developmental stage of nose cone production.

If you find this project as intriguing as we do, join our team by clicking on the button below.