Welcome to the Avionics Department

The task of the Avionics system is to measure and log the altitude and attitude of the rocket during the flight. For this the Avionics system will be equipped with GPS, IMU and barometric sensors. The apogee of the rocket flight will be known from the Avionics system’s data. The system also sends the measured data to the ground station through Telemetry. The data acquired from the sensors is used to trigger the Recovery system. The footage of the rocket flight will also be recorded with an onboard camera. After the rocket flight, radio beacons and GPS data will be used for the nosecone recovery.

Our progress

Here you can see how far our building project has progressed and receive important information about our work.

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Current activities of the Avionics department incorporate:

  • Assembly of full system for systems testing
  • Assitance with structure and propusion for pressure and static fire testing
  • Provision of full system for drop testing later this year

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