Would you like to get involved?

Are you currently studying or doing your doctorate in Bremen and the surrounding area? Then we offer you the opportunity to gain new experiences that will have a lasting impact on you and your career.

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Different nationalities
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General Meetings

Meeting with all of ASTRA's members once a month to brainstorm problems, keep up to date and have a little fun.

Team Spirit

A motivated Team around you, that meets weekly (time is dependant on the discipline).

Work Packages

Individual work packages depending on your discipline, task and timeframe contributing to the design and launch of our rocket, at least 5 hours of work per week

Our application procedure

Step 1.
Application Form

First of all, you have to fill in the application form so that we know what your interests are and what you want to do. The link to the form is below. 

Step 2.
Forwarding of the application

After we have received your application, we will contact within
48 hours and invite you to a Get-To-Know-Meeting.

Step 3.
Get To Know Meeting

At the meeting you will receive all the necessary information from us and you can get all your questions answered.

Step 4.

After the meeting, we will send you documents such as the privacy policy and confidentiality agreement. You then sign the documents and send them back to our project manager, who will arrange everything further.

Step 5.
Trial Time

Within the next month you can try out working with ASTRA and already contribute to the full extent. During this time, you can gain a good impression and decide at the end whether you want to continue.

Step 6.
Full Member

As a full member of the association, you benefit from all the services offered by the association. You can now get a taste of leadership roles and be elected to the executive board.

Your benefits


Take the opportunity to network at different events and get in contact with your potential employer

Time Management

You can learn a lot about time management from the experienced members here

Curriculum vitae

Add a lot of important experience to your Curriculum Vitae, the time you spend at ASTRA is comparable to the value of a successful internship. We can also write you a letter of reference if you wish.


Benefit from the cumulative knowledge of over 60 students who are there to give you advice and support


Supplement your studies with practical experience and become confident in negotiations


Not many students have the opportunity to be part of an impressive record and to launch a rocket.


Most frequent questions and answers

We welcome students from all disciplines. We are mainly looking for students who want to get involved and develop their skills alongside their studies. Previous knowledge of the activities in the respective departments is not required. The only thing that counts for us is an interest in the idea of ASTRA e.V. as well as commitment and passion.

You are welcome to join us from your first semester, regardless of Bachelor or Master.

You are welcome to apply to ASTRA. Together we can look for how you can support ASTRA in the best possible way.

The work you do directly for ASTRA and its internal organisation is voluntary and therefore unpaid.