Welcome to the Structure Department

We are in charge of designing, manufacturing, assembling, and testing the Rocket’s key structures while keeping mass, safety, and cost in mind. From ground wind when standing on the launchpad to dynamic air pressure and lift load during flight, the rocket must endure a variety of stress situations. It must also withstand thrust reactions as well as internal pressure loads in the oxidizer tank and combustion chamber. The structure department uses FEM simulations and manual calculations to ensure that the rocket retains structural integrity while enduring all of the aforementioned loads.

Our progress

Here you can see how far our building project has progressed and receive important information about our work.

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Current activities of the Structure department incorporate:

  • CFRP-tube wrapping, CNC Milling, and Pressure Testing
  • Construction of CFRP Combustion Chamber Casing
  • Provision of structure for subscale launch

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