Who we are and what we do:
We are a team of eleven students from different courses of study. We deal with almost all tasks that are not directly related to the construction of the rocket. Since these tasks span a very broad field, we divide ourselves into different subgroups.

The administration is responsible for all organizational and operational tasks. We plan the monthly general meetings and design the workflow of the work processes. In addition, we take care of new members, inquire about the satisfaction of our members and organize team events such as game nights or Christmas parties.

We at Marketing are responsible for social media, website and external relations. We design flyers, posters, merchandise or even trade show booths. This makes us first in charge of events such as the Space Tech Expo 2022 or the matchmaking event in cooperation with the Starthaus Bremen and Bremerhaven and the Digital Hub Industry.

We as financiers are responsible for everything that has something to do with money. We take care of billing, taxes and cost plans. At the same time, we are also responsible for contacting and acquiring sponsors, organizing sponsoring events or crowdfunding campaigns.

Our tasks include providing various communication channels, software and databases. We continually try to find current and appropriate ways to network internally in the best way possible. Of course, this also makes us the point of contact for our members with technical problems of all kinds.

An important part of ASTRA e.V. are our lawyers. At first glance, a rocket has little to do with law. But as soon as you have dealt with aviation and space law in Germany and internationally, you understand how important this subgroup is. We are always available for legal questions concerning ASTRA e.V. or the rocket itself.

A few ASTRAnauts introduce themselves

Hi, I’m Sara!
I’m a member of the Project Management Team, and a master’s student of English Speaking Cultures: Language, Text, and Media at the University of Bremen. Joining ASTRA six months ago was a great decision. Space-related topics have always piqued my interest. Being part of this student initiative has been an incredible experience, as it has allowed me to collaborate with innovative thinkers from diverse study backgrounds. Together, we are embarking on a thrilling journey, bringing our unique perspectives and expertise to the table. ASTRA is a community where I witness a great sense of passion to create something truly inspiring.

My name is Sinan and I’m part of the project management aswell as the social media team here at ASTRA. Currently I’m studying Media Computer Science at the Hochschule Bremen, our city university of applied sciences. I read a lot of books in my free time, lots of science-fiction and fantasy and I also play some games. I joined ASTRA at the suggestion of a friend. I didn’t know ASTRA existed until that point, but anything space related is really exciting, so it wasn’t much of a question whether I wanted to join. As I work on social media I don’t do much technical work on our projects, but I’m learning a lot about how rockets work nonetheless. Especially since you can ask anyone here and they’ll be happy to explain whatever they’re working on.

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