Ground Systems

Who we are and what we do:

Our team ground systems is basically responsible for everything technical that is not the rocket itself. There are a lot of things that need to be done to make a rocket launch, the support systems and infrastructure that allow that are our part.  

For example, our rocket needs to be filled up with an oxidizer. To do this we need a filling station that can fill the tank of the rocket remotely without human intervention. This requires not only hydraulics, but also a lot of electronics to control the valves and to gather sensor data on what exactly is going on. This data will be sent to our ground station which is sitting at the Mission Control area far away from the launch pad. There we will construct a portable control centre, where we can control all the valves and sensors, but also receive telemetry from the rocket itself. For this we will not only need proper communication with the rocket and the filling station, but also a good hardware and software user interface. 

Because we are a new team here at ASTRA, we are still in the design and concept phase of our subsystems. Currently we are focussing on the general layout of the assembly that will be at the launch pad for filling the rocket, while also designing the ground station and electronics. For manufacturing we will mostly use 3D-printing and laser cutting, but also a lot of welding and metal work for creating the structural parts.  

In the next months we will finalize our designs, while already ordering parts and starting assembly of what has already arrived.

A few ASTRAnauts introduce themselves

I’m Levin, and I’m part of the Ground Systems team at Astra, where we create support equipment for our rocket projects, including everything from mechanical rigs to electrical systems. I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering at Hochschule Bremen. In my free time, you can often find me rowing on the Weser or Werdersee, or riding my bike through the Blockland. I joined Astra because it offers a fantastic opportunity to apply engineering skills to real-world challenges while working alongside a passionate team. I’m excited to contribute to our shared success and can’t wait to see what we achieve together.

I’m Alex and I am a member of the ground system team here at ASTRA. I am currently studying Computer Science at the City University of Applied Sciences in Bremen. In my free time, I like programming and messing around with Blender. I joined ASTRA because I found the idea of a group of students building a rocket very exciting. Futhermore, it gives me the opportunity to contribute my knowledge from university to this amazing project and to work with other very talented students here in Bremen.

If you find this project as intriguing as we do, join our team by clicking on the button below.