Working with Buten un Binnen – A thousand thanks!

A thousand thanks: working with Buten un Binnen 

ASTRA e.V. has existed for more than two years now. Since then we have met more and more people who have listened to our idea and our passion. We were able to infect many with our enthusiasm for practice, rockets and teamwork. Among them was Anna-Lena Borchert. She is a journalist at Buten un Binnen in Bremen and learned about us through Dirk from Radio Bremen. She was touched by the idea of our group of students who are passionate about building rockets and devote all their time and heart and soul to it. So she decided to contact us.  

In one of our monthly meetings she had for the first time the opportunity to meet us all personally and to experience our team spirit and our enthusiasm for our association. After that she accompanied us on many steps further and also helped us a lot with knowledge about film documentation. Through her we got the great opportunity to present ourselves in a short video on TV and to show the idea of our association. A thousand thanks to you Anna-Lena for believing in us and spending so much time accompanying us on our way in the last months. 

Want to see the video? Then click here:

Anna-Lena also made it possible for us to have an article at Tagesschau. You can find it here:
Bremen: So will eine Bremer Studenten-Gruppe ins Weltall vordringen | tagesschau.de 

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